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    Dr. Robertson founded his family-oriented practice in 1986 to serve Orange County communities. Since that time, our office has developed a strong reputation for providing excellent service with compassion.

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We believe it's our responsibility to stay up-to-date with the most current trends to provide the most exceptional dental care we can." if it will fit. If it won't fit can we do "At Jeffrey C. Robertson, DDS, we take dental technology seriously.

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  • “I have been a patient of Dr. Robertson for over 20 years. I'm a sensitive patient when it comes to going to a dentist and Dr. Robertson always remains mindful of that and makes each experience as relaxing as possible. He has the best possible temperament one could ask for in a dentist. He consistently maintains the most professional and extremely friendly staff which combined with his skills makes his practice by far the best choice.”

    - Bill W, Newport Coast
  • “I just finished a session with Dr. Robertson which involved removing a bridge and filling the tooth that held the bridge, then replacing the bridge. Dr. Robertson was very considerate and caring doing the work. He was most careful while doing the procedure and there was no pain involved. He is especially good in situations such as this one was.”

    - Doris R Y.
  • “We're long-time clients of Dr. Robertson & Company, and we love our visits to his office. Dr. Robertson, and all the dental hygienists and staff, provide the very BEST care possible. Whether it's a simple cleaning and check-up, the need for fillings, cosmetic dentistry or other procedures, they do it all, and always with a smile! Dr. R even adjusted my retainer, the last time I was in. I know you'll enjoy the experience they give their patients. Keep up the great work, and you know we'll be back!”

    - Christine C.
  • “I want to thank you for the outstanding customer service that you and your staff have provided to me and my sister Josephine. I also want to thank Dr. Robert Bryan Mcleod and his assistant for the outstanding and great surgery they did on the extraction of my tooth. All of you are a blessing to me and my sister and are very thankful that we have you now and in the future to come. All of you are highly skilled, professional and very caring. I give all of you the highest rating in every category.”

    - Frances M.
  • “When I arrive for my appointments the staff is always friendly and the atmosphere is very welcoming! When I arrive for my appointment, I am acknowledged immediately and seen just as immediately. No one LOVES going to the dentist but it's a necessary evil and it's nice when you have a staff as great as they are. I always feel like I'm in great hands.Thank you Dr. Robertson and staff for all you do.”

    - Cheryl W.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Implants

How can we help you?

At our office, we believe that understanding and education can make a huge difference in the lives of our patients. Patients who learn about their dental health and take steps to be proactive have better outcomes. We will take every opportunity to discuss your dental health with you, and we will always provide information so that you can make the health decisions that are right for you.

If you ever have a question about the care you receive at our office or a dental treatment or procedure, don't hesitate to ask. You can always give us a call or contact us using our convenient online form. We've compiled a selection of the questions we are most commonly asked. Feel free to take a look. If your question isn't answered here or you need more information, let us know so we can help.

Dental Implants

couple smiling | cosmetic dentistry irvine ca Major improvements have been made in both dental implants and dental bridges over the years. From the latest techniques, to the best materials for the job, your tooth-replacement options have never been better.

Dental bridges are a common and effective tooth replacement option in many cases. Dr. Jeffrey Robertson has years of experience making his patients extremely satisfied by creating beautiful and functional dental bridges.

In many cases, dental implants provide a more effective and convenient option for our patients. While a dental implant is not a good solution for every case, they do provide the tooth replacement option most like your natural teeth. Dental implants do not require the adjacent teeth to be prepped, so they help preserve the structure of your other natural teeth.

Additionally, dental implants help with bone retention. Because your teeth are rooted in your bone, when you lose a tooth your bone may begin to melt away. This can cause complications for your adjacent and opposing teeth. An implant is surgically placed in your bone and can help prevent bone loss.

Which Tooth Replacement Option Is Right For You?

If you are missing a tooth and you want to know your options, call our Irvine, CA dental office. We help patients just like you every day and look forward to the opportunity to partner with you in health.

Many factors must be taken into consideration when determining if dental implants will be the right choice for your tooth replacement treatment. It is important to ensure that you are healthy enough for implants so that implant surgery works effectively for you.

When you visit our office, we will take a full medical history, including your current and past prescription drugs, to make sure that you are healthy enough for dental surgery. While most patients can have implants, certain medications can affect your body’s ability to accept dental implants. Some medical conditions might prevent implants from integrating with your body.

Dr. Jeffrey Robertson will also test the level and density of your bone to make sure that your bone is strong enough to support the dental implant post. In many cases, even if your bone structure is insufficient, you can have procedures like bone grafting to improve your bone density.

Best Tooth Replacement Option

Implants remain one of the most convenient and effective tooth replacement options available. Coming to our Irvine, CA office for a full evaluation will allow Dr. Robertson to create a treatment plan for all of your specific needs. He will share his honest opinion about what options might work best for you and help you make the best decisions regarding your dental health.

Dental Implants in Irvine CADental implants are a popular method for tooth replacement because they are reliable and look just like your natural teeth. We surgically place dental implants in your jawbone and they integrate with your natural bone. We call this process osseointegration. Surgeons use biocompatible metals to promote osseointegration.

Once your implant and your bone fully integrate, we can place your dental crown on top of your dental implant to complete your smile and your chewing surface. Your crown is one of a kind! All of our crowns are custom made for our patients and blend in with their natural teeth seamlessly.

Are You Right For Dental Implants?

Most modern dentists recommend dental implants as the first line of treatment for a missing tooth, but not everyone qualifies for dental implants. In some rare instances, if you take certain medications or have certain medical conditions, dental implants may not work for you. Dr. Robertson will keep you informed and answer your questions every step of the way. At our office, we like to educate our patients as well as provide them with a number of options.

Dental implants can solve many problems for patients. Prosthetics can be awkward and uncomfortable. Dental implants most closely resemble your natural teeth in both appearances as well as function.

Are you curious about dental implants and wonder if they are right for you? Call us and schedule an evaluation. We will be happy to discuss treatment options with you.

Dental Implants in Irvine, CAOne of the things that patients really enjoy about dental implants is how easy they are to care for. If you use the same consideration you have for your natural teeth, your dental implant should last a long time with only minimal adjustments needed. We will examine the health of your dental implant at each appointment so you can get the most out of your dentistry!

As a reminder, here are some tips on caring for your dental implant:

  • Brush twice daily, making sure to brush near and just below the gumline.
  • Floss in between each tooth on both sides.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Schedule and maintain regular dental exams, cleanings, and x-rays.
  • Notify us right away if something changes with your oral health.
  • Don’t bite into anything too hard that might damage your crown.

Practicing Good Oral Hygiene

Gum disease can cause dental implants to fail. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is essential. If you ever notice bleeding gums or puffiness, let us know. Gum disease can spread throughout the mouth quickly.

If you are looking for information on implant dentistry in the Irvine, CA area, Dr. Jeffrey Robertson is a wealth of knowledge and experience in the placement and restoration of dental implants. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment at Irvine Dental

dental implants irvine caOne of the best benefits of dental implants is that they are relatively easy to take care of. Because they mimic your natural teeth, you can brush and floss them normally. If you have an implant-supported bridge, you may need special floss to get the job done. All great care begins with excellent home dental hygiene habits.

Brushing and flossing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste can help you to prevent periodontal (gum) disease and decay. Periodontal disease is the biggest enemy when it comes to dental implants. Having an active infection in your gums puts your implant at risk because bacteria could cause gum disease and bone loss.

Avoiding Infection

Your gums and bone are what holds your implant in place. If you have gum recession or bone loss, your implant root may become loose and fall out. Having excellent home care and calling us if you ever see any signs of infection is the best way to avoid trouble.

Call immediately if you experience redness, swelling, inflammation, soreness, or bleeding. We can do an exam in our office and hopefully stop any serious problem before it starts.

Making and keeping your regularly scheduled exam and cleaning appointments are the best way to protect the investment you made in your smile.

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