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Advanced technologies for better treatment outcomes

We take dental technology seriously. We believe it is our responsibility to stay up to date with the most current technologies and techniques that modern dental science offers. The latest technological tools support our team’s mission of providing exceptional dental care. Our priority is the patient experience. And that experience accounts for everything from how we detect problems with your teeth and gums to how you feel before and during your dental treatment. 

Computer-guided implant placement 

Implants must be precisely positioned in the jawbone to properly heal and support the replacement teeth that are later connected to these artificial tooth roots. We use advanced technologies to guide proper implant placement, which helps ensure the implant’s success and better patient outcomes. We can use this system to pinpoint each implant’s optimal position, angle, and depth when placed in the bone. This approach also makes the most of the available bone in the jaw. With these technologies, many more patients can benefit from all that modern tooth replacement with dental implants has to offer. 

Cone-Beam CT Scanner

It is the standard of care to take a CT scan prior to the placement of dental implants. In one scan, the cone-beam computed tomography (CT) scanner renders 3-dimensional images of the teeth, soft tissue, nerve pathways, and jawbone. CBCT is particularly helpful when planning where to place dental implants or identifying hard-to-spot abnormalities, trauma, and other oral issues. CBCT is also a useful aid when efficiently and accurately removing teeth.

Advanced technology and a well-trained and passionate team are a powerful combination at the office of Dr. Robertson. Call our office in Irvine, CA, at (714) 838-7272 to schedule your appointment and benefit from our quality approach to dental care for the entire family.