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Snoring relief to the rescue! Restore rejuvenating, healthy sleep today

Snoring is not just disruptive or an annoyance. It can be a sign of a serious medical condition known as “sleep apnea.” It is important to distinguish between snoring as a primary condition and secondary to disorders such as sleep apnea. Once Dr. Robertson understands the true nature of your snoring, treatments that can effectively treat snoring and sleep-disordered breathing may be recommended. 

In doing so, our team in Irvine, California, restores quality sleep and healthy relationships between your partner and other household members and potentially prevents serious health complications. 

What Causes Snoring?

Several factors can contribute to a chronic snoring problem. For some people, the anatomy of their mouth and throat plays a role. For example, a thick or low palate (roof of your mouth) can result in a narrowing of the airway. In turn, these tissues vibrate when the air flows past as you breathe. Lifestyle factors, such as what you eat and drink, can also contribute to developing sleep-disordered breathing. Alcohol, as an example, can cause your throat muscles to relax. Lax tissues are more prone to the vibrations that produce the characteristic snoring sound. So even simple adjustments, such as refraining from drinking alcoholic beverages before bedtime, can improve the frequency and severity of snoring. 

Controlling allergies or other nasal issues can also be helpful because conditions such as a deviated septum and chronic congestion increase your risk of chronic snoring. Snoring comes in so many different forms and has many potential causes, making it essential for Dr. Robertson to conduct a thorough assessment.

He will then know how best to treat snoring and other underlying conditions. If we suspect sleep apnea, you may be referred to an accredited sleep center for a sleep study. Such specialty diagnostics help your care team understand the condition better and treat it safely, promptly, and effectively.

What treatments are available for snoring?

In addition to tailored lifestyle recommendations, such as those noted above, Dr. Robertson may recommend oral appliance therapy. These custom-fit devices are designed to fit into your mouth whenever you sleep. Depending on your needs, the appliance may reposition your tongue or lower jaw. Such adjustments immediately increase the size of your airway, allowing for air to flow past tissues without producing a vibration (that loud, grating “snore”).

Our wide array of oral appliances can be precisely refined and calibrated for optimal fit and comfort. Unlike off-the-shelf devices, our professional and customized appliances are strong, ideally suited to your needs, and last a long time with proper care. So, they are an exceptional value and investment in truly restful sleep and an excellent quality of life. 

If snoring disrupts your sleep, call us at (714) 908-7472 to schedule a consultation at our office in Irvine, CA