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We Fight Dental Fear, Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry

Whether you had a traumatic visit as a child or dread medical and dental appointments in general, fear can lead you to avoid regular cleanings or delay important and necessary treatments. We appreciate your apprehension and anxiety and have years of experience helping anxious patients. We are committed to providing anxiety-free dentistry to all patients, regardless of their background, history, and perception of dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry to the Rescue

Sedatives are relaxing medications that help our patients feel at ease when getting dental services. Typically, Dr. Robertson administers oral sedation in conjunction with a numbing medication. Pain relievers are administered precisely to assure the most pain-free and pleasant experience possible.

Sedatives are just one tool in his belt. Dr. Robertson has designed every aspect of the office and built his team around delivering gentle and comfortable techniques and amenities. It is not an overstatement to say that our approach to addressing dental anxiety is transformative, as patients can lead full, happy lives with newfound comfortable, attractive, healthy smiles.

Non-IV Conscious Sedation

Oral medication will be taken at our office before your treatment. The medication induces a state of relaxation and well-being. The “conscious” part refers to the fact that you will remain awake, able to ask questions and respond to instructions from Dr. Robertson. You may not fall completely asleep but will stay very relaxed and may not recall the procedure afterward.