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  • “I have been a patient of Dr. Robertson for over 20 years. I'm a sensitive patient when it comes to going to a dentist and Dr. Robertson always remains mindful of that and makes each experience as relaxing as possible. He has the best possible temperament one could ask for in a dentist. He consistently maintains the most professional and extremely friendly staff which combined with his skills makes his practice by far the best choice.”

    - Bill W, Newport Coast
  • “I just finished a session with Dr. Robertson which involved removing a bridge and filling the tooth that held the bridge, then replacing the bridge. Dr. Robertson was very considerate and caring doing the work. He was most careful while doing the procedure and there was no pain involved. He is especially good in situations such as this one was.”

    - Doris R Y.
  • “We're long-time clients of Dr. Robertson & Company, and we love our visits to his office. Dr. Robertson, and all the dental hygienists and staff, provide the very BEST care possible. Whether it's a simple cleaning and check-up, the need for fillings, cosmetic dentistry or other procedures, they do it all, and always with a smile! Dr. R even adjusted my retainer, the last time I was in. I know you'll enjoy the experience they give their patients. Keep up the great work, and you know we'll be back!”

    - Christine C.
  • “I want to thank you for the outstanding customer service that you and your staff have provided to me and my sister Josephine. I also want to thank Dr. Robert Bryan Mcleod and his assistant for the outstanding and great surgery they did on the extraction of my tooth. All of you are a blessing to me and my sister and are very thankful that we have you now and in the future to come. All of you are highly skilled, professional and very caring. I give all of you the highest rating in every category.”

    - Frances M.
  • “When I arrive for my appointments the staff is always friendly and the atmosphere is very welcoming! When I arrive for my appointment, I am acknowledged immediately and seen just as immediately. No one LOVES going to the dentist but it's a necessary evil and it's nice when you have a staff as great as they are. I always feel like I'm in great hands.Thank you Dr. Robertson and staff for all you do.”

    - Cheryl W.


December 23, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Jeffrey Robertson
Snoring Treatment in Irvine, Irvine Dental

Almost fifty percent of people snore at night. Most of the time snoring isn’t a major cause for concern however it can be a symptom of sleep apnea. Even if snoring doesn’t affect your sleep quality it maybe bothersome to your partner which is why a dental appliance may be ideal for you. Irvine Dental can treat both sleep apnea and snoring with a dental appliance to help their Irvine, CA patients get a better night’s sleep.


People snore when the tissues within the throat and nasal passages vibrate as you breathe. Our muscles naturally relax while we sleep, including the throat, which can cause the airway to become narrow and lead to snoring. The tongue can also obstruct your breathing by relaxing into the back of your mouth. There are several contributing factors that can make snoring worse, such as alcohol consumption, sleep position, and what stage of sleep you are in. Most people don’t realize they snore until someone in the household informs them.

How a Dental Appliance Can Help

An oral appliance is similar to a mouth guard that you wear at night while you sleep. The appliance is custom fitted to each patient to ensure comfort and efficiency. It works by pulling the bottom jaw forward and keeping the tongue positioned away from the throat to keep the airways open while you sleep. Since the appliance is small and comfortable, it is a better option for those who snore than sleep machines and masks that can make it more difficult to get the rest you need.

More Restful Sleep

Snoring can mean you are not getting enough oxygen at night, which can lead to headaches and excessive daytime fatigue. It can also cause your loved ones to have interrupted and less restful sleep. If you have been told you snore, or would like more information on how a dental appliance can help you sleep better at night please do not hesitate to contact our office today!

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