Family Dentistry Irvine, CA

Our lives are busier than ever, and juggling family needs and healthcare can be overwhelming. At our office, we simplify your life by making it easy for your entire family to receive the best possible dental care in Orange County in one comfortable, welcoming office from a skilled and trusted dentist.

We’ve been serving the families of Orange County for the past 25 years, providing comprehensive and advanced dentistry. We work hard to make sure that your experience at our office is exceptional so that you’ll be excited about making regular dental care a priority in your life.

Preventive Care

We believe that regular check-ups and professional cleanings are two of the most important services that we provide. When you come to our office every six months for your examination and cleaning, you’re taking steps that will help prevent almost every major dental problem, including decay and periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease, a chronic condition that causes damage to the gums and the bone beneath the gums, affects about half of all American adults, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s also the leading cause of adult tooth loss. We take this problem very seriously, and we will work with you as a team to control disease through a program of periodontal maintenance visits, which includes scheduled visits every three to four months with skilled and gentle dental hygienists as well as a conscientious self-care routine.

Regular examinations with Dr. Robertson and the use of digital imaging and technology help us to spot potential problems early on when they can still be treated with simple and conservative procedures, saving you time, expense, and discomfort.

Dental Care for Every Age and Stage

All ages of life have unique dental needs, and Dr. Robertson has an excellent understanding of dental care at all of life’s stages. Throughout childhood, teeth are constantly coming in, falling out, and being replaced, and the mouth is growing and developing rapidly. Since things can change so quickly, it’s important to make regular dental care a habit in your household. Many dental issues can be spotted and solved easily in childhood that, if left untreated, could pose more significant problems in adulthood.

We’ll work with you to develop a simple-yet-effective home-care routine for your child that will not only keep his or her teeth clean and healthy but will also instill good health habits that will last a lifetime. In our 25 years, we’ve seen people come in as young children, grow up, and now bring their own children to us.

We understand that senior citizens also have special dental health needs. As we age, the enamel on our teeth gets thinner, making us more prone to decay and other concerns. Additionally, our dental health is closely tied in with our overall health, so if you have any health concerns such as heart disease or diabetes, please let us know so that we can provide you with the appropriate dental treatments.

Call our Irvine dental office today. Even if it’s been a while since your last check-up or cleaning, that’s okay. We’ll help you get back on track and stay there.